Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Longest Day

So, what's up with this? It's the summer solstice, the longest day of summer, and we have nothing but clouds in OKC. Shouldn't you have sun to be able to enjoy the longest day of the year? And then there's the fact that I'm working, not outside in the weather, whatever it is, enjoying nature. There's something wrong with this picture. Doesn't it say in fine print somewhere that you should be retired and enjoying your leisure when you're 65? Of course it also says, in that same fine print, that all the children will have left home. NOT.

But the good thing is, a friend had her new baby, #6 or #7, I forget which. Beautiful girl baby. I got a lot of rewriting done on "Agatha Ann and the Spider Wizard" last night. I also have another friends book that she just finished writing to look forward to reading. And my 6yo grandaughter is coming in on Saturday to stay several weeks, so life is exciting.

Crow Woman's blog talked about totems and I know cats have been big in my life, all of my life. For the past 20 years or so, bears have also been prominent, so those must be my totems. Interesting stuff.


Ann said...

One year I lived in the mountains in Colorado and spent the longest day grousing on the phone because of the all day snow storm (it was my day off and I had plans to go hiking, but No it had to snow). Now I live in Virginia where we've already had our first day of heat indices (heat index over 105), so a midsummer snowstorm wouldn't bother me in the least *g*.

Carol said...

It's all in your perspective. I love the middle of the summer storms in Colorado because the temps in OKC during my summer CO trip are usually triple digit. At home, I whine because I have to get out and drive in it. *LOL*

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