Thursday, June 7, 2007

No writing yesterday.

"A day without sunshine is like . . .you know . . .night."

Last night was seizure/ER. Didn't get rewrites done. Did go to PT for my knees, started exercises. Did treadmill at the gym and an hour of dance aerobics. And I can still walk today. Miracles happen.

I got on a busy Rachel Vincent list that also has Kim Harrison. Very interesting visiting "The Pride."

Now if I can do a little more with exercise and eating better, more water etc. I may survive another 20 years. At least my cholesteral genes are good and my good cholesterol is high, the bad low and triglycerides low. Now if I can get the "get up and move every 30 minutes" thing down.

Scroll down and look to the right for Yasmine Galenorns cover for her new book. It's killer. Just wonderful.

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