Thursday, June 14, 2007


Does putting your writing first, or at least high up on the list, make you selfish? If you are not selfish about sharing your writing time, will you write, or get published? It's OK if our partner takes time out for golf, ball games, car races etc. We don't question someone's need to work on office work in the evening. But, we feel guilty if we take time away from family to do the thing that makes us happy and might even support us some day. OK, far fetched but work with me here!

If we wanted to spend time scrapbooking, no one would object. Exercising at the gym or going to dance class isn't too selfish. Even reading is OK. But writing?
"What are you doing?"
"I'm writing."
"Since you aren't doing anything, let's go . . ."
That's the reaction. We aren't doing anything. We make little money so all we do is scribble, it's a little hobby. Never to be taken seriously.
Keep hold of that "hobby" and make it your life work. It's one of the things that will define you.


Anonymous said...

My grandma is amazing and everyone should be jealous.


Dang right.


Carol said...

I have a wonderful grandaughter and step grandaughter. I think I'll keep them both. G

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