Sunday, June 3, 2007

Poetry Train Monday

Someone said that life is a party. You join in after it's started and leave before it's finished.
--Elsa Maxwell--20th-century American socialite.

Meaningful Relationships

Air-floating bubbles

Gently touch



Never Intertwining

Nor combining

But shining

They separate

Catch the breeze


And play

Careful not to join

Lest they break


Another poem written in a twenty-year-old journal. Interesting to look back and try to figure out exactly what triggered those particular images.

News flash. I got hit upon. A gentleman in a store complimented my earrings, then my shirt. Then suggested that we should be bored together some time since we had both indicated to each other that we lead less than exciting lives. As I got into the car to leave, he followed me, handed me a card and suggested I call him if I were bored. Kind of made me feel good.
Then the cynic took over.
The card was the business card for the establishment, not his own with his name on it. Not sure exactly which days he works. Not sure of his exact name. Think he's married. Shouldn't he call me? Does it show that I've been out of the game for over 40 years.

Understand this. If he were a Sean Connery, I wouldn't care about any of the above.


Rashenbo said...

Those journals can turn up some interesting bits of ourselves. Thank you for sharing and Happy Monday!

julia said...

"Careful not to join

Lest they break


I like that image, especially when in the context of bubbles. I can really visualize that.

A 20-something is right to be wary of these bubble problems. But it can follow anyone into any age. Depending on what has happened to the person - it's not dated, that's for sure.

Rinda Elliott said...

Hubba Hubba, Carol. If you liked him, you could meet somewhere busy and safe for coffee then drill him on the marriage thing... Oh, you could probably get Sarah, Christy and I to lurk at a nearby table and check him out, too. heh heh

Rinda Elliott said...

Oh, I was gonna add... especially if you meet him for coffee at Barnes and Noble. :)

Carol said...

Somehow I think the card was a don't call me at home thing? Who knows. Public place is good. You all lurking at the next table, safe but a little distraction. Interesting picture though.

Joy Renee said...

the fragile bubble... what an apt metaphor for the integrity of the self and how risky encounters with the frigile shells of other selves can be.

thanx for visiting

Amy Ruttan said...

Great poem. LOL about Sean Connery, oh I would have to agree.

Thanks for the beautiful babies! They are the apple of my eye. Everything I do I do for them! Happy Poetry Monday. :)

Rhian / Crowwoman said...

like Julia i really liked:
Careful not to join / Lest they break/ Disintegrate.

it speaks so clearly of how we long to take chances but fear falling apart. Bubbles were a perfect analogy on many levels.

Ann said...

Great poem. Loved the images (especially the one that everyone else has already quoted). Happy Monday.
P.S. Mine's posted.

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