Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Rinda Finishes and News.

One of my friends finished her book after a long time of not being able to write. I'm so excited for Rinda. She's a super writer. I think everyone, no matter how dedicated, has live intrude on writing to the point it's almost easier not to write than to try and struggle with fitting it in around all the have to things. I run into the same thing and only have one person at home with me and she doesn't require constant care like a child does. I don't have a partner with expectations. But I still don't manage to get past distractions some days. Then there are the distractions that you don't want to get past, like dinner with friends, the book you are enjoying reading, your friends book that you can't wait to get in to.

Some how, discipline has to be a big part of the writing life, even if you have to write late or get up early in order to get it done. No book with sell if it isn't finished. Self discipline is difficult to keep going and I'm a great procrastinator. Also, with my current project, I'm tweaking and may be too prone to little changes for my own good. I have to figure out when I'm done if I'm going to get the manuscript out.

My story, "Mam" is up on TheWorldOfMyth and it is going to appear in an anthology they are producing. Also, "Privy to Murder" and "Chimes in the Snow" both won honerable mention in the Amarillo Writer's Conference contest. That was very nice.

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Rinda Elliott said...

Thanks for the encouragement and congrats on the contest!!!!

I was writing during that period, just not long stuff. (g)

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