Friday, July 6, 2007

The 4th And . . .

Went to the Bethany 4th of July parade and had a great time. It was longer than usual, Hannah loved having candy thrown at her. Plenty of music, red-white-blue, marchers, old cars, horses and etc. Floats, especially scouts. Cool beans. Went to the park to look at booths of junk, let Hannah ride kiddie rides, eat fair type food, got a terribly sunburned face. Went to mother-in-law's house for the evening, ate good food and saw aunts, uncles and cousins. Kids went to the fireworks and had fun.

Now, as soon as all the company leaves, I can finish the AA last set of revisions, send it to the editor and see if I have any better luck than PTM had with the agent. After my trip to CO, I'll do mass proposals for PTM and AA and decide if I'm going to start the second in the Party to Murder Series or the next book in the Agatha Ann Series. Onward and upward.

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