Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Back to work and stress and all the wonderful real life things. And, once I finish Shadow, I need to decide whether to start a new cozy or attempt the urban fantasy that seems to be calling, even though I don't have a good handle on the story yet. I'm thinking a half-fairy, half human with all kinds of conflict between the halves, all kinds of power to be mis-used, used with interesting results, angst of being different, add in darkness, change and saving the world from evil of one kind or another. Could be fun. Need to come up with a name, profile etc. to get jump started. In the mean time AA has to defeat the shadow curse, free the children before they become moon children and etc. My work is never done. Waiting to hear back from Bloomingtree on AA and then I will have to tackle multiple proposals for Privy and Spider.

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Linda said...

Hi Carol:

I'd love to read your work. I'm an aspiring writer myself although not published.

I came across your blog via the Caffinated Librarian blog (cool blog huh?)

anyway, hope we can correspond and that you'll check my blog too.

Take Care

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