Monday, July 9, 2007

What I like about writing.

  1. Telling a story
  2. Getting lost in a world
  3. Building a world, society
  4. Creating characters I like
  5. Seeing scenes in my head like a movie
  6. Re-writes once I have down the bones
  7. The hope of publishing book length fiction
  8. Setting my own hours (more-or-less) unless I have a deadline
  9. The desire to give to others what was given to me as a child, ideas.
  10. Teaching others to do the same thing, in spite of the potential heartache.

What I don't like.

  1. Lonliness
  2. Dependency upon editors and agents
  3. Rejections
  4. People who don't understand what I do
  5. Feelings of inadequacy, especially after a rejection
  6. The inner editor, critic (The snarky one.)
  7. The length of time it takes to get published
  8. The lenth of time it takes to publication

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