Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Romancing the Weird

RWA, Romance Writers of America's big conference takes place this weekend in Big D. An amazing number of Urban Fantasy writers are showing up. I know I saw Jim Butcher at a regional RWA conference. So is urban fantasy a romance? Not always, at least the Dresden Files don't seem to come off that way. Now I may have to join RWA and start checking into that. Maybe Privy to Murder would fit a line of Romance. Going to have to research that.

Started the last (maybe) rewrites of Agatha Ann before sending it off to the Bloomingtree editor. Really hope she wants it but may be a pipe dream. Had wonderful critiques from CP and my sister the teacher who comes up with questions a kid would ask if reading it. Great stuff. Well, back to real (paid to do) work.

The house is much more peaceful without five extra people but I miss everyone.

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