Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What to Do

I'm trying to make decisions. Should I finishe revisions to PTM or work on the next Agatha Ann book since I have it started, or all of the above? I want to have PTM in perfect shape so if the miracle happens and I find an editor or agent who want to see it, it is done. But if the editor likes Spider Wizard, they might want to see an almost finished second AA book. Decisions, decisions. I just might have to do all of the above plus at least get an outline done for a second Privy to Murder book in case it catches someone's eye.

I'm finding I'm getting better at self editing my fiction. Not quite as good with my nonfiction because I get in a hurry. I think it stems from writing for a company big on the "expert writers" coming up with the technical material and then they clean it up for you. Makes you lazy. Yet another flaw to work on, and I have so many.

Now, the push is to finish AA rewrites, get it in the mail to the editor and pray to get feedback at least. A sale would be good, unrealistic I suppose, but wonderful. On vacation in a week and a half, I hope to get a handle on what to do next.

I write because I want other people, kids in particular, to have the same experience I did with reading as a kid, finding new worlds and becoming lost in them. That's the reason I'm passionate about the Agatha Ann books.

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