Monday, July 30, 2007


We had a wonderful week at the cabin. Went to an art show on Sunday, got Fab. jewelry and saw great paintings. Monday we went shopping and walking in La Veta, found the most lovely restaurant in the courtyard of the La Veta Inn. To-die-for food and lovely atmosphere with umbrellas, fountains, adobe etc. Tuesday we went even further up the mountain to have a picnic on the Cucharas River, water to cold your feet go numb in 5 minutes. The rushing stream was lovely, as was the picnic with lots of laughter, cucumber, goat cheese/cream cheese cucumber sandwiches with fresh baked honey wheat bread and fruit. The rest of the week was reading, writing, walks to the meadow, painting.

We had a black bear cub visit almost every day, a cinnamon bear a couple of times, various squirrels, chipmunk, hummer and assorted other birds daily plus raccoons in the evening. Mom had lost her tail and had 4 babies along. Alas, one of the babies disappears and we think maybe a bobcat or mountain lion culprit. Did eat at the Timbers one night and the food was good but pricey, don't think the new owners will make it unless the cut down on both the portions and price.

Cuchara is at about 10,000 feet so it never got above 80 and was 40-50 at night. La Veta was a little warmer, maybe 80-85. I'll share pictures when I get them back.

Now I need to finish the first draft of Agatha Ann and the Shadow Curse. I actually finished plotting it at Colorado.


Rhian / Crowwoman said...

sounds like you had a wonderful, memorable time! Welcome home!

Carol said...

As soon as I get the CD with pictures, I'll post a couple. I'm behind the times and don't have a digital camera. I'll try to get back on the poetry train next week, I miss that.

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