Thursday, October 25, 2007


I have a flu bug. Not a serious one, just one that makes you want to sleep, stabs all your joints and messes with my stomach. It will be short lived. I whined a lot and then, the more I saw about Southern California, the worse I felt about my whining. I didn't lose my life, my pet, all my belongings and years of history in a place. I can't even imagine how everyone is dealing with it. The world does tend to slap me up-side the head when I get too maudlin about my life and shows me, for the 120th time, what a good life I do have.

Sure, I'm a widow and have a sick child at home. But, I have a home, food, money, job all those things so many people don't. I have a published book, a dream I've worked toward for years. Now, I want more but you have to strive for more or you don't go anywhere at all. So, when you hear me whine, ask me if I want cheese with that whine. Even better, offer me wine to go with that cheese.

Now off subject, I watched Pushing up Daisies. Now that's a little too camp, even for me but I'll try it one more time. Kind of reminds me of the Popeye movie somehow. Haven't decided if I liked it.


julia said...

We're sick over here, too - flu is busting out all over! And I hear you about the fires. I lost a box of everything that was most dear to me when I moved 8 years ago - diaries, wedding video, wedding ring, etc. The kind of treasures which have been lost by so many people in California. I feel for them so much.

Carol said...

I had something similar happen years ago when a box was stolen out of our car. It had my wedding album, high school pictures and momentos. I know how I felt just losing those things.

Sorry you are puny too. Bummer all around.

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