Friday, October 5, 2007

Retire or not.

I'm thinking about retiring. Not from writing, from the day job. I'm thinking about it every time I have to get up at 6am, whenever I have to leave work because of family problems or I get sick. I am 65 after all.
But then I look at the power people who are still working well into their 70's. Barry Switzer just turned 70 and still works. Granted he makes more money than I do, but still. If I stayed home, I might not get any more writing done than I do now because I would sleep to 8am, make coffee, sit on the deck, journal, drink two cups of coffee, read the paper. Now it's 11am and I've wasted half the day.
I'm a procrastinator. If I have unlimited time, I don't fill it with work. I need the people contact and the impetus to get up and do things. So, I might not retire, at least not for a while . . . . or until I win that lottery. Then all bets are off.

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Barbara said...

Know what you're talking about!!!! I get up about 6:00 every morning and drive 15 miles to stay with my grandchildren while my daughter is working. Sometime inbetween fixing the childrens breakfast, playtime, and doing housework for my daughter, I try to find time to work on my fourth book. Right now the way its going I'll have to retire from my day job or I might never finish!!!!!!!!

Barbara Watkins
Behind the Red Door, Thorns of an Innocent Soul, Unexplainable Events of Terror

Carol said...

Problem is, if I don't have to be up and be places I could just put off the writing and never get finished. As is, when I have a chunk of time, I do work at writing instead of putting it off, and I'll take my Alpha Smart with me so if I have to wait around, I can be productive.Carol

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