Sunday, October 14, 2007

Poetry Train

An exercise in free verse called an etheree. 10 lines, first line one syllable, second line 2, and so on up to ten syllables. You can do a reverse, 10 syllables down to one, or a double, start with one, go up to ten, back down two one. A reverse double=one to ten, ten to one and so on.
Here's mine, not good but fun to play with.


Wind gust blowing
Dark clouds flying low
Autumn storm comes marching
Trumpets herald season's change
Leaves dance, floating on the air
Flowers bow to winter's coming cold
Now we die to live again in Spring time.


Rhian / Crowwoman said...

i liked it muchly Carol! And it's very cool when you hop across the train to see that several poems seem to tie into similar concept.

Lisa Andel said...

Now we die to live again in Spring time.

Really liked this line. Thanks.

STAK said...

what do you mean "not good"......i thought that was well done......

Danika / OpenChannel said...

How cool! I keep learning new forms each week. I thought I knew most of them already, but the train folks keep 'em coming.

Carol said...

Thanks everyone. I love to find new forms and this looks like one with all kinds of possibilities and with a visual appeal as well. Stak, thanks, I always feel like a poetry infant but, as all infants, I love to play.

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