Friday, October 26, 2007

Sleepy, oh so sleepy ZZZzzzz

Emergency last night, up until 5am, back up at 9:30a to pick up daughter's meds, go to work. Now a little spacey from lack of sleep. The older I get, the more sleep I need. I hear about people who can't sleep or need very little sleep. Nope. Not me. By the time I'm 80 I'll be up to needing 12 hours a day just for sleep.

My writing today will be a little spacey also, I imagine. I've been sitting in on an participating in an online discussion regarding e publishers and found myself being a little snippy. Have to watch that talking in public when I'm tired. If I'm cranky, my self-editor is less likely to chime in when he should, then I say tacky things. But, some people are so smug and self satisfied that they have been published by a "mainstream publisher" and forget that many e-publishers have guidelines for publication every bit as stringent as the brick and mortar guys, some even more so. E publishing is not a last resort, its a conscious decision that many authors make to be able to tell the story they want to tell and not be locked into a formula style of writing.

Eternal Press was a first choice for me, not a last resort. E publishing is only going to continue to grow, as will the opportunities to take advantage of this growing market.

Now, with any book, you have to get your name out there, work on publicity yourself and with your company and fellow authors. One of the great things about Eternal Press is the ability of the authors to work together with each other. So, go to and buy books, not just mine, look at all the others too.

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