Thursday, October 4, 2007


Is that a word. Anyway, I got inspired by Rinda's random facts post. So,here's some random facts about me.

1. I used to clog dance, still would if my knees could take it. It was so much fun. Didn't feel like real exercise.

2. As a kid I liked sandwiches made from Braunschwieger and sweet pickles and cheese. Bizarre but I loved it.

3. Happiness is a four day weekend, good book, icecream and a great DVD, preferably scary or weird.

4. If I don't have to work, I sit on the patio, with a cup of coffee my journal, whipped cream on the coffee and watch the birds.

5. My favorite day is when I don't have to go anywhere, be anywhere, do anything but what I want, like write.

6. I love gin and tonic made with lime infused gin.

7. I'm a total sucker for babies, little kids, vintage looking scrapbooking stuff.

8. I am hooked on Moonlight, Supernatural, Dresden Files, Ghost Whisperer, Medium, is there a trend here?

9. Ordering a tee shirt with the the cover of my book on it is just way too cool, and post cards, book marks, poster, business cards. Kind of over-the-top narissistic. Can we spell that?

10. Painting, playing music, watching the sunset, writing poetry, all feed the soul.

11. I like watching other artists work and learn from their works.

12. I write bad poetry and fill journals with nonsense, just like this blog.

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