Saturday, April 5, 2008

Busy Day

Today the carpet cleaners are here, the handy man is supposed to come. Tomorrow, the tax man commeth, or rather, I go to see the tax man. As you can see I'm pro-active as usual, a full week before the deadline. What can I say. I hate paying taxes. I hope the handy guy can fix the garage door opener, sliding glass door, front door, bedroom light and living room wall and not charge the price of a new house.

Next, time to write and do certificates (around 200) and finish the winner's booklet and power point, meet all deadlines and start plotting Fairy Dust:the novel. Gosh my life is dull and boring with nothing to do.

Oh, and I started the new Dresden book, starts with a bang. I need to remember to make the fight scene with the ghoul the first scene in FD because I can introduce both Cal and Ande with a bang and bring in Sierye and the pixie later. I need to sit down and plot a little more for BM because I'm in danger of a sagging middle, not me, the story. Oh all right, I have a sagging middle but it's the story I need to work on. Keep the action up, expand the characters even more. Show some internal conflict.

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