Friday, April 11, 2008


I'm wanting to do a book length version of Fairy Dust. But, I'm pondering the markets. I'm not totally dedicated to writing Urban Fantasy with lots of sexy scenes. I love dark, humerous and dangerous. I don't have to have every relationship end happily. Death and change are a part of life. Expicit sex for the sake of, isn't always my first choice. The plus for fairy dust is the main character not being a vamp or were or witch.

I'm wondering about YA fantasy as a market. Have to do more research. Dark and angst works. Add in teen hormones, conflicts with Mom, feeling abandoned by fairy Dad and the effect on your social life that unplanned levitation could have, it could be fun. Not to mention conflicts with ghouls, trolls etc. Just a random thought since Bloody Murder isn't done and I have to do the nose to the grindstone kind of writing to get it finished before I can think too hard about Ande and her problems.

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