Sunday, April 6, 2008

Good Day

Well, the carpets are clean. Such a good feeling. Of course the cats, who under any other circumstances will fight to get into the garage, decided yesterday that the boogie man lived in the garage and wanted no part of it. The fact that the food and litter box were out there made it worse. It meant I actually wanted them out there and you know what that tells a cat. What ever we want, they don't. Had to chase them all over. Poppy only just now forgave me. She refused to come back in for a while.

Taxes are done, much less traumatic than I feared. I DON'T OWE ANYTHING. That's all I wanted. I don't ask for refunds, just for breaking even.

The handy-man rescheduled, so maybe I can get an estimate tomorrow.

I went to a Starbucks and sat outside to write. Lovely day, got words done. It's a Martha Stewart Good Thing. Now to visit Lori, finish laundry, make bed, all the usual day to day suspects. Now just when do I get that maid and mansion?

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