Friday, April 25, 2008

Coming Alive

How do some characters enter your writing life almost fully formed and ready to take over what you're writing? In the Party to Murder series, Mumsie and her spirit guides almost took over the first book, "Privy to Murder,"over-shadowing Tali, but it really was Tali's series. I even considered changing it to Mumsie's series, but it just didn't work. I have a feeling that Lyn Peacock is going to be difficult to hold back in "Bloody Murder." It helps that the story is in first person so Tali's voice comes through.

In "Fairy Dust," Ande will have to stay really strong not to let Sierya the elf take over. At the same time, it's so much fun when characters take on lives of their own because they can write the story for you, almost. Of course they can also lead you down the wrong path until you find yourself stuck under Mab's hill, a fairy prisoner, but enough of that nonsense. One of the most pleasurable things about writing is when your world becomes that real.

Many writer's create elaborate character sheets with everything about that person figured out. I do better when that character tells me what they want me to know, shares secrets, instead of my figuring it out ahead of time. What works for everyone else?

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