Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Urban Fantasy-Paranormal.

OK. Today I'm asking questions. Why do we read paranormal fantasy, urban fantasy, vampire books, were wolves, magic, witches and etc? Why was Buffy so popular, Moonlight, Medium? Why Dexter?

Are we looking for humor, blood and gore, kick-ass heroines, strong heroes with an excuse for not being sensitive? Do we want the romance (Dresden has limited love scenes but lots of sexual tension?)Are we looking for vicarious ways to experience super powers like in Heroes or Smallville? Do we want to know you can have magic and still maintain a family life like in Medium.

For me, I think I have always wanted magic and fairies to be real and to be able to perform the magic myself. Plus, being the strong heroine, defeating the deamons, ghouls and trolls would be so cool.

Plus it's unpredictable. I think that's what I like with the added ability of the characters to have a sense of humor in dark moments. Do I want real encounters with monsters? Of course not, I'm not nuts. The first time I tried to go head to head with an evil fairy-I'd be dead. But as an escape it works. I've always been one to figure out plots, but with fantasy, the rules change and you can be surprised.

Now, if anyone is interested, post a comment and everyone who posts will be put into a drawing for a small fantasy collage. You have until April 15th. That way you have something to look forward to besides taxes this month.

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