Monday, April 28, 2008


Sorry, can't help it. Have to follow like a Lemming and comment on the Vanity Fair pics of Miley Cyrus.
Show me any teenager who would not jump at the chance to be photographed, immortalized and made to look glamorous by Annie Liebowitcz. Show me any woman who wouldn't.
So, leave the kid alone about it. Disney, back off. No one has corrupted your little girl. Being a sexy teen certainly didn't hurt Brook Shields.
And it is show business. She has to do things to move the career forward.

You're right, this has nothing to do with writing other than you have to do those things that move your career forward. For a writer, instead of the right pics in the right place, it's the button principle, or putting your butt-on the right thing (chair) and writing. Producing words will push your career forward. If you don't write, you will not have a career as a writer. A writer writes. Fact of life.

Write on, guys, every day. Don't forget OWFI conference this weekend with JA Jance, Rebecca York, Marcia Preston, Meredith Bernstein, CJ Lyons etc. Reed Center, Midwest City, Friday and Saturday, May 2 & 3.

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