Tuesday, June 3, 2008


You know my life goes on without major changes for ages and then, boom, things change, and it's all my fault.

1. I'm buying a house. I've only been involved with one other house buying and my husband handled it 30 years ago. We were stupid, got a house in Texas with no central air, go figure. But it was big and we raised the kids in it. Now I'm doing it on my own. But I'm excited.

2. Considering a job change. Actually I'd like to retire and write full time, not happening, especially with a house payment, even though it's a low one. I always worry about new jobs but I've never had a problem getting one. Don't know what my issue is. I hope to work a few less hours a week. (Good thing about being a nurse, lots of options out there.) Even get offers by email.

3. Bloody Murder is close to done and re-writes, edits will be fun but I have to get that all done quickly since the deadline is July 7.

4. Should hear about the print option soon. Please let it be good news, I went with EP for the print option as well as electronic option and they hadn't come through. Hoping it will be in print and on Amazon. Will know next week. Can't wait to hold "Privy to Murder" in my hands.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the house purchase!!

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