Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I've seen debates recently about which is better, 1st person or 3rd person. As a reader, I like both equally, just don't do it in present tense. For some reason I find present tense completely jarring. I have a difficult time staying in the story. Personal preference.

I'm not as fond of stories that jump from head to head every other paragraph. I don't mind if the POV changes scene by scene although chapter by chapter is less confusing. But one sentence in her head and another in his, not good for me.

As a writer, I like 1st person best. I can get the characters voice and personality better that way. I realize it limits story telling but it's what I'm most comfortable with. However, this weekend, twice, I'm going along blissfully in 1st person and all of a sudden I have an entire paragraph written in 3rd person. Don't know what that was about but it happened twice.

My main goal is not to lose the reader or jar them out of the story as they try to figure out who is talking. I'm so close to being done with Bloody Murder I can taste it and then the rewrites start and edits. So ready to be into that part of the story. Then, do I start Fairy Dust the novel or the short, Museums are Murder?

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