Monday, June 2, 2008


I'm entering the home stretch with the first draft of Bloody Murder and finding my way. Thank goodness for characters who take on some of the responsibility for leading the way, no, not this way, that one, the one you didn't think of when you plotted the book. That makes writing fun.

Now, when I'm done, it's the fun edit where I tighten and flesh things out, add in more sensory detail, make certain characters sound like themselves, that all loose ends are tied up, even fix the ever-present typos. I see the end of the tunnel.


Sara Saint John said...

Yay! You're right...the rewrites are fun. Can't wait until I'm there with Sacrificial Lamb. BTW, if I sent you Trust, what format would you want?

Carol said...

Can you send a format that would go on a Kindle? That would be so cool. I so want to read that.

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