Monday, June 30, 2008

Story Bite and vacation

The World of Myth is interested in one of my stories with only the addition of one change. That's cool. I can have fun with that.

The inspection of my new house is today so I'll rush off at noon to be there. Hope that goes well for the sellers sake because they found a new house and their inspection is next week. Getting moved will be so nice.

I'm working on plotting for a Nocturne Bites, seeing if I can come up with a darker plot for Aiden and Tali. Also need to come up with a higher concept, darker, for Fairy Dust. Then the edits for BLOODY MURDER will come.

Colorado is looming. Can't wait. Friends, cool air, movies, writing, shopping, wine, dancing, reading, and Mountain Men. Did I mention wine? Nothing like getting together with other women writers at a cabin in the mountains.

Where is your favorite vacation place?


Sara Saint John said...

Hey, a story at TWoM? What story is that? And why hasn't your cp read it? ;)


Hope you're having a good week.

Carol said...

I sent it spur of the moment and he wants me to add a last paragraph or two. You will get it before he does, I promise. It's called The Cat's Meow.

daydream said...

Hey, I want to actually enter for the Nocturne Bites. I have this idea, but no time to write it yet. I am stuck on the last third of my novel and it's a stretch.

Congrats on the story.

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