Monday, June 16, 2008


As you see every time Friday the 13th rolls around, many people have superstitions and rituals, don't walk under a ladder, break a mirror, step on a crack. Throw spilled salt over your shoulder.

I'm not really suspicious and I don't have too many writing rituals. With my lack of writing time some days, I have to be able to write any time and any place. If I could only write comfortably in my office with a certain band playing, that would be a problem. I write at work during my lunch hour.

Some writers need a certain chair, set of music, prime the pump by reading email. I just require computer or paper and pen and alone time. Not even alone time really, just uninterrupted time.

When I journal I like to use my fountain pen. When I read for pleasure, I have the TV on and my feet up.

Do you have any reading or writing rituals???

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