Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Oh the Suspense

I'm in the edit part of writing on Bloody Murder, which I like, a lot. Pulling teeth part is done. Now just polishing them. Of course that can also be tricky and painful, having to cut things you like.

Plus, it's off to my CP, which is always nerve wracking because what worked for you, might not work for them. Dialogue that seemed witty at the time could fall flat for someone else. The plot thickens-or not.

You become so close to your own work, you lose judgement. The good thing, in re-reading, it doesn't seem as disjointed as I feared. But, what if I'm missing a big flaw? Did you know writers are their own worst critics, kind of like an artist who's painting is never finished, that tree could be darker on one side of the trunk, that cloud needs more contrast at the bottom, etc.

The other thing to learn is when something is finished so you don't pick it to death and turn it into mud.

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