Wednesday, August 8, 2007


The sound in my head as I try to keep down a character who is trying to escape while I'm editing, fast as I can, Privy to Murder. But this gal keeps sneaking around, and she doesn't even have a name yet. What do you have with characters that insistent? Sounds crazy but then, I'm a writer, drawn to murder, mayhem, paranormal and horror. What can I say?

I honestly hope more characters join her along with their world. I've always used reality and so world building could be a rather sticky wicket. Could be fun. Must be urban but probably southern urban. After all, Saving Grace takes place in OKC and she has a scruffy angel running around.

How does anyone else go about world building? I need blueprints or something I think. Well, back to juggling full time work, editing and taming this character, or at least meeting her formally.

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