Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Privy to Murder edits.

Got them, did not have a heart attack at the sight. Actually they weren't terrible. Some passive voice and repeated phrases and the same information given more than once did sneak in. Also, I managed somehow to spell my character's names in more than one way. Go Figure. She likes my voice, humor, description, Mumsie's spirits (me too) and the "Skunk scene." which I'll post just for fun. It's so exciting when someone likes your work.

The rest of the changes involved continuity and timing, not really difficult to fix.

Eternal Press is having a launch party on it's Yahoo Reader's Group September 7th. I'll be there to talk about "Privy to Murder" and other authors will be there also. There will be contests for book covers, post cards, books and other things. If you're not a member, see the button and join, then join us in the Reader's Group.

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