Saturday, August 18, 2007

Good Advice

My friend Yas says organize, don't panic. She is the most organized writer I know, next to maybe Rachel, who has a killer white board plotting system. I'm not always that organized. It seems I'd better bring my daytimer home or make better use of my appointment book for deadlines and lists. Yas keeps notebooks with detailed info in each binder regarding the series and the book itself. I won't steal her ideas here but if you go the her blog , see "My Cats Made Me Do It below, she might share.

When I was making a character list for my editor I realized I'd better be more obsessive about keeping a notebook updated for my series, each book. It's like I was playing and now I'd better take it seriously. If only that day job didn't interfere, but I'm stuck with it a bit longer.

In another post we'll talk about getting published, which way to go and what works for you.

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