Wednesday, August 15, 2007


If you want published and don't have a problem with e-publishing and POD, make sure you go look at the opportunities at Eternal Press. Good royalties, great editors, extremely fast turn-around time for responses all make it worth a try. If you send them a manuscript, save yourself time and use these guidelines. The individual attention and desire for a quality product make them an excellent company. They also have a couple of anthologies that want stories.

Word-12 point font
1 inch margins all around
1 space not 2 after the end of a sentence
o.3 indents, no tabs
* * * after each scene
page break after each chapter, space down 8 before next chapter.

Did anyone hear that OJ's tell-all fiction/nonfiction will be published after all? Can we tell how much trouble publishing is in?

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