Monday, August 13, 2007

More News

Eternal has asked for a proposal for the Privy sequel so they can contract for my second book also. Even better. Writing "Bloody Murder" under contract. Wow. Now I have to come up with a plot and get the book written. I also want to start "Faerie Dust," my urban fantasy. Also on my plate, once I have an editor and cover art, I will work on a web site and myspace and start all the promotional kind of work, which will be a learning project. I'll keep you all posted as I do everything.

Am I excited? yes. Do I feel a smidge of pressure that I put on myself?, yes. Happy, you bet. Always wanted the experience of being already under contract as I was writing a novel. I'm reaching goals here. Next, the New York Times Bestseller List and a six-figure advance. OK So I'm not always realistic. But I have fun.

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