Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Docs and Patients

Danger, Danger Will Robinson-Rant Warning.

Saw a neurologist with my daughter, regarding multiple grand mal seizures. The good thing: he evaluated her meds, decided the Dilantin may cause more harm than good, is being metabolized too quickly in the liver and possibly interfering with the other meds. Also the Lyrica was only at a pain control level, not seizure control level. He's titrating her off Dilantin and onto a larger dose of Lyrica.
The bad thing: He talked about non-epileptic seizures and the need to psychiatric care before he'd been in the room for five minutes on the first visit.
The Ugly thing, he doesn't listen. He treats the patient as if she is 3-yr-old going on one. Rarely answers questions. Talks down. In short, one of the most supercilious pricks I've had the displeasure to meet. If he had his nose any farther in the air, he'd drown in the rain. Luckily, we usually have a summer drought.
It would be good if a physician could actually listen to the patient and pretend to be interested. The uncontrolled seizures are stealing her life. If things don't settle, I will have to go hunting for a center specializing in seizure treatment, no matter where we have to look.

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