Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I just sold a story to "Chicken Soup for the Nurses Soul:2nd Dose" It's called "Chimes in the Snow" The book will be released in November. Reserve your copy now. I'm excited. It's a story I wanted to sell and began to think I never would.

I finished the 1st go-round of edits and we'll see if I did everything she wanted. Dang if those pesky repeated words, passive voice didn't crop up, plus a couple of extraneous characters and some timing inconsistancies. Stuff I thought I'd caught but didn't. My wonderful editor at Eternal Press, Deborah Nemeth, is a wonder woman with the red pen. Thank God for good editors.

Now, time to do a chapter outline for "Bloody Murder" (necessary for me to avoid the saggy middle(not mine--to late for me--the book's.) Then start working toward my goal. I'd like a first draft in less than six months but I'll have to boogy.

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