Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Quiz Time or Let your personality shine through.

I stole this from my friend Yasmine and put in my answers. It's called "FIRST REACTIONS QUIZ". You have to type the 1ST thing that comes to mind whenever you hear these 40 words. You can't think and go back and change your answers.
Here we go:
1. Beer: Ice cold only.
2. Anorexic: Everyone in LA
3. Super Hero: Wonder Woman
4. Your Last Ex: : Never had an ex.
5. Power Rangers: Kids love them.
6. Plastic Surgery: Too chicken
7. Steroids: Scary
8. Cartoons: Disney everything, including HS Musical 1 and 2
9. The President: An idiot
10. Tupperware: Plastic everything.
11. Florida: Swamps
12. Santa Claus: Love him
13. Halloween: cooler weather, football, picking up pecans and scary movies
14. Bon Jovi: cool beans
15. Grammar: Not always my strongest suit.
16. Myspace: Pop-ups.
17. Worst fear: Stroke
18. Marriage: Miss it, 39 years, don't want to start over.
19. Paris Hilton: Worse idiot
20. Brunettes: Love the look
21. Redheads: Want to be one.
22 Blondes: Everyone in Hollywood
23. Pass the time: what's that?
24. One night stands: Not in my day.
25. Donald Trump: So last century.
26. Neverland: Loved the movie
27. Pixie Stix: My kid's loved them, so do I, Seriously.
28. Vanilla ice cream: with bananas and chocolate
29. Port-a-Potties: "Privy to Murder"
30. High school: I was the quiet, mousy one, go figure.
31. Pajamas: Gowns are more comfortable
32. Wood: Burn, if I had a fireplace but love the smell of mesquite in my chimenea.
33. Wet Sock: Yuck.
34. Alcohol: Oh Yeah.
35. Love: How I feel about babies, kids in general, family.
36. The Bible: read it.
37. Heartache: My husband's death.
38. Time: speeding up all the time.
39. Life: hanging on to it
40. Blood: closing a magic circle

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