Monday, December 3, 2007

Best Seller

"Privy to Murder" is the #1 best seller for November on Eternal Press. I'm very excited that people like it. So now, those of you who read this blog, you need to visit and see the new website. Even better, read the new fantasy serial that is starting, available free on the website. Buy "Privy to Murder" and come to the Eternal Press launch on December 7 at A very cool launch full of give-aways and fun and excerpts. Please come and join us.

Remember, "Fairy Dust" comes out in January from Eternal Press. A really fun story about a half-human fairy with fairy dust, were and deamon issues. "Privy to Murder" is available now to order for Christmas gifting.

Home from Houston, happy to be home as much as I miss the kids in Texas. We now know that Lori doesn't have Epilepsy. That's the good news. The bad news, none of the meds she was taking were helping the seizures so she is going off those, and actually feels better. Now we have to find a Dr. that treats nonepileptic seizures. Have a good one.

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