Tuesday, December 4, 2007


One of the CEO's at Eternal Press is leaving to persue her own writing. See, acquisitions editors are not the enemy and they want to be writers too. Seriously, she was wonderful, she is, in a major way, the first one besides me to believe in "Privy to Murder". She will be greatlly missed. I working away at the Tali and Friends short mystery so I can get back to the sequel. I have to be careful not to put too many sequel elements into this story, but maybe just enough to foreshadow "Bloody Murder" events.

I'm recording the "Tin Man" which is on Sci-Fi, modern dark remake of OZ. It will be interesting to watch. Also, "Golden Compass" to look forward to, it looks very well done. I just love fantasy. Of course some idiots are saying "Don't let your kids see this movie because they will want to read the book." Heaven forbid that any of our children learn to like reading because of fantasy. And don't they know that if you say, "Don't go see this." everyone will go to see why they shouldn't go. If we start a campaign on how dangerous "Privy to Murder" is, will it boost sales. Just a thought.

The fantasy series going up on the Eternal Press website is priceless. I got to read the first couple of chapters. It's going to be so much fun. Haven't done anything about Christmas yet so I'd best get busy, but first, back to work, work.

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