Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ice Melting, no power

Well, we've had rain here in OKC that didn't freeze and helped melt some of the ice. Roads are good. Power company is working in our general neighborhood so maybe today will be the day. It is not my year, first Houston, now this, making it hard to be ready for Christmas, but I have presents for all my children, so it won't be end of the world, What I can't bake, I'll buy. However, if I had wanted to live like a pioneer, heat water on the fireplace, dress by candle light, I'd have made sure to be born in 1800. I want my electricity back.

What's not good is the forcast for snow Friday and Saturday. Come on, enough is enough already, however, tomorrow is supposed to be sunshine and 40 something.

Fairy Dust launches in January and I'm finalizing the last proof on it. Boudicca has an interview scheduled for the January EP ezine, so stay tuned, she may scorch the pages.

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