Thursday, December 20, 2007

There Be Idiots

Yes, even during the holiday season. I belong to several writer lists. Several writers have told of people who write them nasty letters, post tacky things on their blogs and other lists and generally act like they've been offended when a writer is published or does something the people don't agree with. I know a lot of writers who no longer give out phone numbers or look at anyone Else's manuscript because of the same kind of people who believe because someone is published, they owe other writers their critique time, for free. They've even threatened to sue because one person read a Civil War story and mentioned the Civil War in one of their own works.

I see the same thing with some reviewers who act as if the writer set out to irritate the reviewer on purpose and say unnecessarily venemous things about the writer and their ability. I don't understand the mentality. I assume it's a power thing, one of those "because I can." It's like the "Girls Gone Wild" idiot who is in jail and wants to sue three women (who have no money) because they have a little mom and pop winery in Northwestern Oklahoma and called it "Girls Gone Wine." As if they are a threat to his exploitation "business."

I have to feel sorry for everyone who is bashed by someone else who is on a power trip of some kind. Just be nice, guys, there's room for everyone in the sandbox. Play nice or I'll kick sand in your face.

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