Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Jealousy or Waning Self-confidence

Yes, to Rinda and the fact that reading some of my favorite authors can give me a complex regarding my own work.
Some of the ones that stand out are:
Dean Koontz and his striking imagery.
Jim Butcher and the pacing of action in his Dresden series.
Charlaine Harris and her humor-she can put humans and vampires in the most delicious predicaments.
Kim Harrison's world building.
Stephen King and his ability to make you care about his characters before he does something horrendous to them.
Self doubt always creeps in, however, it just takes one reader saying how much they like what you write for that doubt to go back into hiding.

Christmas is coming, read Dickens' Christmas Carol or other Christmas stories, something with a little romance. Watch It's a Wonderful Life, cry over the little girl's flower. Watch "Meet Me in St. Louis" to have a "Merry Little Christmas". See the mean Santa in A Christmas Story--"You'll shoot your eye out, kid." "Little Women" isn't really a Christmas story but it's a treat. Time to immerse ourselves in the season.

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