Thursday, December 13, 2007

More About Ice

Still have thousands of people without power, including us. Snow predicted for Friday evening, heavy. The games continue. Seeing fires because people don't use common sense when trying to get heat, but they're desperate. Tree damage is horrendous, and houses and cars when trees split and hit cars and structures. Blocked roads due to limbs breaking over the streets.

I have heat at my MIL house so I can't complain but sure do miss electricity for my computer and hair dryer, hot water, and the ability to cook easily. Miss the microwave. I'm so spoiled. Batteries and lamp oil impossible to find right now. I will remember to put together a bin with those kind of supplies for the next disaster.


Margie said...

God Love You, Carol, and here we are about to meet for a nice chatty lunch. I am so sorry you (and all the other zillion folks) are experiencing such horrendous weather conditions. Never fun, but right here when everybody has a zillion things to do. Well, not a good thing, pioneer spirit or not. We're thinking about you (boy, I bet that helps) and sending our love (maybe that does). Margie

amyshojai said...

Carol--TAG, you're it! (blame Nita Beshear for starting this)

See the rules here if you wanna play:


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