Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas is Coming

Whether we are ready or not. So this year I'm working hard with the idea of enjoying Christmas however it comes together. You see, I'm a control person, a list person, who wants this, and this and this done by such and such a time. The week I spent in Houston put me behind for Christmas shopping. I barely got started on the 7th, just got the decorations up, but then the Ice storm hit. A week without power. Just came back on Friday, now my son, who has no power, and his family are staying with us. Thank God for warmth and light.

So if the baking isn't completely done, we'll survive. If the lights are not up on the house, we'll enjoy the lights inside. If we can't make it to a party or holiday performance, it will work out. The reason for the season doesn't change, no matter what extraneous things get in our way.

Am I getting writing done? Not so much, but that too will change. Things will get back to as close to normal as they ever do and life will go on. Keep writing anyway, even if it's simply a poem about the weather. And remember, you can't choreograph those sugar plums, they will do what they want anyway.

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