Monday, May 14, 2007

Bitch, Music, Diversity, not necessarily in that order.

First, Poetry Train


When I see the flowers bloom
and think about the spring,
I picture a weaver's loom
Where colored threads will fling
themselves into a riot
That screams, come look at me.
Abandon winter''s quiet
Open your eyes and see.
Children's faces sweet and wild,
Blossoms ever changing.
Nature's paletts sharp and mild
Portraits re-arranging.
Summer fades into the fall
Winter over-shadows
Sun will come, cover all
Again to paint the meadows.

An exercise in rhyming.

On the way to work this morning I had random thoughts about almost everything. One thing that struck my eye, or eyes was a couple of drivers in front and beside me. Next to me was the almost typical OKC sight of a nondescript Nissan pick-up, in a bland navy, flag decals on each side of the back window, driven by a young man in a baseball cap. Nothing unusual except for the contrast with the person in front of me, who drove a red convertible sports car, wore all white with his silver hair and in the back seat was the biggest black poodle ever. OKC diversity. Not that I haven't seen more startling things, remind me to tell you about the transvestite diversion in the Mercy ED some time.

Next subject, music. I admit I'm an NPR junkie, love the classical stations, as long as they play my kind of classical. I'm a snob. Some classical music written in the 20Th century rely more on tone than tune. Atonal pieces with full orchestra irritate my last nerve first thing in the morning. OK, any time. Give me Vivaldi, Mozart, Bach. Something you might be able to hum along to. Or even earlier, Renaissance music.

Next, the subject you've been waiting for. No, don't deny it. You couldn't wait to hear about bitch. Well, just so you know, not only am I a bitch, I am now the Queen Mother Bitch, in sparkles, and have the pins to prove it. My daughter, Lori, gave me a pin that spells out Queen Mother in rhinestones. My friend, Amy, had given me a pin that spells out Bitch in rhinestones (She writes cat and dog books, is an animal behaviorist and knows that bitch is an acceptable term.) So now, in my opinion, I out-rank both her "#1 Bitch" pin and Sherrie's QB title since when I wear both pins together, I AM the Queen Mother Bitch.


Rhian / Crowwoman said...

fun lyrical flow! heh - bitch part of your post cracked me up. thanks for playing on the train again!

Rinda Elliott said...

I've always loved Amy's pins. I need one of those.

Love the poem!

Robin L. Rotham said...

Lovely, vivid poem!

And ditto on the atonal pieces, no matter what the time of day.

FurryMuse said...

Hey, NOBODY outranks my rhinestone #1 BITCH pin, lady! LOLOL!

Love the poem, too.

Rashenbo said...

I really enjoyed the rhyming that you have here!!!

Oh, I see you have witchling in your sidebar. I picked that up at the bookstore and it's on my nightstand. I think it's the next book I'll be reading!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I stopped in for the poem, which is quite lovely, and fell in love with the Queen Mother Bitch! That's precious!

As for music, I'm a heavy metal girl who has a certain love for the late Romantic classical period. Shh. Don't let that get out; people might catch on to how much heavy metal relies on classical music (can you say Iron Maiden? I thought so!).

Carol said...

First thankyou for the kind words about the rhyming attempts. You guys rock. I'm glad everyone likes bitches too, you fit right in. Rashenbo, if you like Witchling, her next one Changeling, is out soon, and darker, creepy, loved it. Darkling will follow. Susan, actually I do like a little heavy metal some times. Go figure. Carol

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