Thursday, May 24, 2007

Writer's Happen.

"Writer's will happen in the best of families."

A quote I love. Families kind of hope we'll find a "real job" or "stop spending so much time on that silly hobby."

Of course we continue to write anyway, submit in spite of rejection and get published in spite of all the "good for us" advice from others. That's how it should be. Not always easy, but when the goal is accomplished, what a rush.

When you hold the book in your hands, have a contest to give away the book and people actually enter, how fun is that.

I began reading Agatha Ann and actually like what I'm seeing, so that's a good thing. Privy will be sent off shortly. Making progress and ignoring the urge to start over again. Like I've said before, it's like knowing when a painting is finished and not over-working everything into mud.

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