Monday, May 21, 2007

Poetry Train and ...

Mind Candy
Poetry, what's that I say?
Words thrown out the door to play?
Letters tossed into a row
With hope like Topsy they'll grow
And sprout pictures for the mind
leave the writer far behind.
Not profound but fun. I seem to write short and really into rhyming all of a sudden. I think I must have heard some rhyming on Poem for Today when I listened to NPR.
Sent Privy off to be read by friends before I send it to the agent and then we'll see what the agent has to say. Always the danger that your baby will be ripped to shreds, or worse yet, ignored and sent home with no explanation. Now, I need to read through Agatha Ann and the Spider Wizard to see where it stands and get it sent off. I do need to see if the synopsis for Privy is in decent shape, but is a synopsis ever in decent shape? Is there such a thing with that beast?
Almost forgot, my short story, Mam, has been accepted by the online magazine, World of Myth for June. Once it comes out I'll let everyone know. First horror kind of thing published. Fun Stuff


Rhian / Crowwoman said...

"Words thrown out the door to play" - ha! i love that. makes me think of letting the words run wild and free before they come home to lay down in obedient patterns. Congrats on the story!! Please give a red alert when it comes out!

Rattitude said...

We need more rhyming, poets seem to be scared of it these days....

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Hey, congrats on the story acceptance!

That's a fun poem. It's really playful and right in my mindset today. Thanks!

Rinda Elliott said...

I remember that story! Yay!!!! Let me know when it's out and I'll put it up on the blog. :)

R.G. ALEXANDER said...

Well you know I love rhyming :)
I love your word usage and imagery. Yes-keep us up to date on the story!

Carol said...

You guys always make me feel so good. Thanks. Rhian, thanks for the train ride every week. rattitude, I don't know why I've gotten on the rhyming kick, but it's fun.
Susan, your welcome. Always glad to play.
Rinda, rg and all, I will keep you posted on the story date.

Anna J. Evans said...

Hey Carol!

I loved the poem, nice and lighthearted. I love the heavy stuff too, but sometimes a little lightheartedness is in order.

Congrats on your sale! That's exciting:)

Anna J. Evans

Its Beerfest INNIT!!! said...

Funny in a way. I really enjoy wordplay poems, and even more so poems that aknowledge themselves. I look foreward to reading more of your poetry, and thanks for commenting.

STAK said...

play with words........brilliant......

julia said...

"Letters tossed into a row
With hope like Topsy they'll grow"

Sweet! Glad to see you aboard the train.

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