Thursday, May 10, 2007

Nature etc.

I just read the blog "This Fish Needs a Bicycle" A great example of having a wonderful writing voice, good sense of humor and putting it to work for their writing. This blog has now been picked up and has a national following. Besides, its fun. Kind of Sex in the City meets Mary Tyler Moore. Check it out.

Right now, here, can't get out and enjoy nature too much, too soggy, too noisy at night. Becoming sleep deprived from storms waking me up. I know storms, tornados, floods elswhere are worse, but dang, getting tired of it. Not that I won't be whining in July when everything is too dry.

Big news, I bought a new desk, or will Friday, one of those solid wood, heavy, too big things that I've always wanted. May not fit the decor, but I don't really have a decor, just a conglomoration of things I like. This will give me a workspace the size I want and I can use the laptop there, in front of the window. I will enjoy it in spite of not being too practical. It's blonde wood, old fashioned looking-like 30's esque.


Rinda Elliott said...

We both whined a bit today. I'm so tired I can't sleep. :)

Carol said...

Some days we just need that whine. I'm especially cranky with no sleep. Carol

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