Wednesday, May 16, 2007

CP Anyone?

Do french fries come with that? I keep hearing about CP, which I think means Critique Partner. What I'm not sure of is how to make that a formal relationship. Do you need one who writes what you write? What if no one else writes what you do? Do they have to be published? If they are, won't they be too busy or too afraid of being accused of stealing etc.? Just musing here. Is a group a CP?

Watched "Night Skies" last night, suitably creepy/cheesy version of UFO abduction and lights in the sky over Phoenix. Interesting, a couple of familiar faces, not extraordinary acting. But loved "A Good Year."What's not to love when you have a combo of Russel Crowe and Provence wine country?

Doing revisions on Privy for the agent submission. How did I miss all those things the other three or four times? Don't know but typical. Loved working at the new space, and totally wish to be home working at that space 24/7.

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