Friday, May 25, 2007

Men Lurking

"Beware of the man who denouces women writers; his penis is tiny and he cannot spell.
-Erica Jong-

This quote ticked me just because, and if any guys are reading this blog and haven't ever posted to let me know I have male readers, you deserve it if you are lurking. Besides, it happens all the time, the sexist thing among male writers who think women belong in the Romance Genre only, certainly not in serious literary writing.

One of my many pet peeves and soap boxes is men thinking women can't do it, whatever it is. Of course there are women who have a problem with other women who "don't know their place." That's even more irritating and is maybe because the controlled, repressed women who denegrate others are simply jealous and afraid to admit it. Then there are women bosses who eat employees (not mine, someone elses.)

Don't let me get started on women's rights, choice and etc. or we'll have a liberal diatribe going on instead of a blog about writing. Speaking of which, I received my CP comments on Privy and now have to get busy cleaning up the copy to send off. It's always amazing what other eyes can find and wonderful to have a friend who can see what you're try to do.

For the long weekend, rain predicted here but I'm going to at least try to make it to the Paseo Art Fest, my favorite one of the year. I keep planning to show, get side-tracked by writing and don't finish enough pictures for a good show. Oh well. Been saying that for years.


Rinda Elliott said...

Sorry it's taking me so long--I've been slammed by family and health issues.

People lurk. I get up to 200 hits a day sometimes and most don't comment. But then, I lurk more than comment these days because I usually read posts on Bloglines. :)

Carol said...

I know you've been working on a deadline, not to mention the family/health and etc. we deal with. At least Lori has the pulmonologist appt. on Tuesday and maybe we can find out if she has non-hodgkins lymphoma or sarcoidosis.

I seem to get a lot of lurkers. Interesting. I do appreciate your looking at Privy at all. I'm not expecting you to do line editing. Carol

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