Tuesday, May 29, 2007

News Flash

"Sometimes I wonder if men and women really suit each other. Perhaps they should love next door and just visit now and then. --Katherine Hepburn--

For Memorial Day weekend, I spent Saturday on Privy and Agatha rewrites, more rewrites on Sunday and a family gathering with aunts, uncles, cousins and food. No music and dancing which I think would liven things up. Yesterday Lori and I went to Paseo Arts fest, art, music and fun in the hippy-dippy arts district in OKC. Always fun, and this year, cool and cloudy. Lori and I then went to the mall, each got a henna tattoo, had a great shrimp,tomatoe, avacado, cheese, bow-tie pasta salad. We bought a Godiva chocolate each and went to watch the third Pirates of the Carribean movie-loved it. A little shopping, a seizure detour, but a fun day.

Rachel Vincent is officially published as of today and even holding a contest for a tee-shirt. If you go to her site, http://urbanfantasy.blogspot.com you can find the rules, more about the bood and the author. Her book, STRAY, is on the bookshelves as we speak. If you love urban fantasy and good writing, order now. I have a picture of the cover, totally interesting, on this site, just scroll down and look to the right. You can order it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Writing Prompt:What was your favorite toy as a child? Explore that in a journal entry.

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